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From Why Broken Windows still works, by Jazz Shaw

The broken windows theory is a criminological theory, not to be confused with the broken window fallacy economic theory.

Broken Windows is designed to do a lot more than just catch Damien Brunson jumping a turnstile with a loaded gun and some crack. It's about reestablishing a sense of normalcy in high crime neighborhoods and a return to safety and order as the rule rather than the exception.

From Race creeps into debate over stalled nomination for attorney general, by Sari Horwitz

Here we go again! The CBC and race hustlers blames anything they don't like on race.

African American and other civil rights leaders infuriated over the stalled confirmation vote on Loretta E. Lynch, the first black woman to be nominated for attorney general, are casting the delay as an issue with racial overtones.

From Fox Host Charles Payne: Obama Will Push for Slavery Reparations in 2016, by Andrew Kirell

All living slave owners should pay reparations to all living slaves.

Tea Party News Network director Scottie Nell Hughes, a frequent Making Money guest, agreed with her host: "Sure, slavery was a horrible thing that happened, but this is not going to help race relations in the United States today," she said.

From 'Why Are We Giving F-16s to an Iranian-Infiltrated Government?', by Lee Smith

But Obama says Iraq is safe now

One of the important pieces of news to come out of Iraqi prime minister Haider al-Abadi's visit to the White House Tuesday is that Iraq will be receiving delivery of F-16s.

From Grassley to Holder: Why Is The VA Putting So Many Veterans on Your Federal Gun Ban List?, by Katie Pavlich

Yeah, all of us "mentally defectve" vetrans are dangerous - to Holder

"The VA's regulation appears to omit important findings and never reaches the question of whether a veteran is a danger to himself, herself, or others. Thus, a VA determination that a veteran is 'incompetent' to manage finances is insufficient to conclude that the veteran is 'mentally defective' under the ATF's standard that is codified in federal law."

From Great Engines of Yesterday, by Eric Peters

I long for the "good old days" when cars were more than just appliances

Anyone who was young in the '60s knows the distinctive pitch made by a 289 Hi-Po Ford ... the low bass rumpa rumpa rumpa of an idling big-block Chevy ...


More proof of MSM bias.

It's unfortunate that it's come to this, but it's the Times' own fault. When it comes to feminist fantasies, no one can believe anything the newspaper of record says.

From Ethnic Constructs Are Pointless In Our Multiracial Society, by Victor Davis Hansen

Do some redefine "race" for political advantage?

America is a multiracial society due to immigration, intermarriage and assimilation. Perhaps it is time to cut out the bumper sticker self-labeling and instead accept that in our ethnically mixed-up nation, race has become an incidental construct rather than essential to our careers and personas.

From When will women's-rights activists challenge Hillary on Clinton Foundation corruption?, by Ed Morrissey

It's ALL about politics!

Two months after revelations that the Clinton Foundation took millions of dollars from foreign governments during Hillary Clinton's tenure as Secretary of State, some of which represent the worst offenders of human and women's rights in the world, the Clinton Foundation insists that they're keeping the cash, ...

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